Akwa Ibom  State Budget 2021  
Budget Title:  Budget of Economic  Reconstruction  
How will the Government source the loans:   
Domestic Loans 2020 Budget Target   
Project/Institution Amount Naira Amount Naira Billion
Internal  Loans 60,642,666,840 60.64
Total Domestic Loans  60,642,666,840 60.64
Foreign Loans 2020 Budget Target   
Project/Insitution Amount Naira Amount Naira Billion
World Bank(NEWMAP) 13,500,000,000 13.50
AK-RAAMP 5,590,000,000 5.59
Other World Bank Activities(ANRIN) 50,000,000 0.05
FGN/CARES(FADAMA,CSDP,SMEs, etc.) 1,000,000,000 1.00
Total Foreign Loans                                20,140,000,000 20.14
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