5 Fantastic Apps To Manage Your Car Budget

Nowadays, there’s an app for every pain point you may have, and your car budget is no exception!

From tracking your petrol usage, the cost of repairs and insurance, it can all become a bit overwhelming.

Here are 5 fantastic apps that will help you to manage your car budget with ease! If you have another favourite car budget app, leave a comment below so we can check it out too.

5 Fantastic Apps To Manage Your Car Budget

1. Drivvo (4.7 / 5 on Play Store )

2. Fuelly (4.6 / 5 on Apple Store)

3. Fuel Monitor (4.5 / 5 on Apple Store)

4. Gas Manager (4.4 / 5 on Apple Store)

5. Car Maintenance Service and Fuel Record (4 / 5 on Google Play)


Drivvo (4.7 / 5 on Play Store )


iPhone and Android users alike can enjoy Drivvo, a handy app that lets you take the wheel when managing your motoring expenses.

To get the full benefits of Drivvo, you need to make sure you’re entering complete, accurate, and regular data. Been to the petrol pump? Log it. Had to make a trip to the garage? Log it.

Drivvo uses all of this information to create custom-made reports and charts displaying all your automotive expenditure.

This app is fantastic for generating data like your average fuel efficiency, the average cost of repairs, and can even be used to scope out which petrol stations offer the cheapest fuel!

If you don’t mind the ads, the free version of the app is great, helping you to manage the basics. Once you’ve checked this out, think about investing in the ad-free paid version, which lets you backup all your stats to the cloud and synchronise with your other devices.


Fuelly (4.6 / 5 on Apple Store)


Fuelly is constantly improving so we’re guessing we haven’t even seen the best of it yet. It began as a basic tracker for fuel efficiency but it has grown arms and legs since.

The iOS version, however, is streets ahead of the Android version.

Integrating with Fuelly.com, the app allows you to add the miles, litres, and price per litre when you top up at the petrol pump, and all this info is used to generate snazzy expense and efficiency charts.

It’s great if you have more than one car to track too, and you can set up reminders for important maintenance tasks like oil choices and tyre rotations.

They offer a free and a premium version too, with the difference being that the paid version is ad-free and allows you to add photos and PDFs to your records.


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Fuel Monitor (4.5 / 5 on Apple Store)

This is another all-encompassing app, enabling you to track your fuel consumption, cost per miles/km, services and repairs.

It’s very user-friendly, simplifying all your data input into clear charts, which can be viewed by month for a simple breakdown of your spendings.

You can even print your data straight from the app!

It’s only available for iOS unfortunately. Sorry Android users!




Gas Manager (4.4 / 5 on Apple Store)

This is the perfect app for owners of multiple cars. Its clear dashboard allows you to see at a glance your fuel consumption, gas expenses and travelled miles for each separate vehicle.

For the eco-warriors amongst us, it also has a carbon footprint calculator feature, letting you see much CO2 you emit per day and per km.

You can export the data to your e-mail with ease.




Car Maintenance Service and Fuel Record (4 / 5 on Google Play)


This free Android app will smooth out the creases when calculating the cost of running your vehicle.

It adopts a very comprehensive approach, tracking not only your fuel expenditure and servicing costs, but also your insurance payments, unlike most other apps.

You can set up reminders to make your insurance payments and to top up your petrol levels based on your average fuel efficiency data. You barely need to think about anything!

It’s a clean and clear app with an easy back-up functions, and you don’t even need to pay a penny for it!



Which App Will You Download?

Whether you’ve got a terrible memory or you’re a sucker for a good graph, all of these apps are great for guiding you when managing your car budget.Why don’t you check them all out and decide which one is best for you?



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