All About Online Transactions – IFSC Codes

Online transaction is when you want to pay your bills for the services or the goods, there are multiple options to make the payment through online, such as one can use their Debit Card, Credit Card, online banking or any other payment gateway that is valid for online transaction.


How to make an online transaction?

Online Transaction is also a process through which one can transfer the money from one’s bank account to another bank account through the internet.


Let’s have an example for that

  • Login to your respective Bank’s Website.
  • Go to Payments & Transfer.
  • Select Transfer Funds to Other Bank Accounts.
  • Select Payee from the list of registered Payees.
  • Enter details like Transaction amount, Transaction remarks.
  • Enter Your ATM/Debit Card Grid value.
  • Confirm the payment details and about and hit enter


In the above example you must require the Payee’s IFSC Code for the transfer of the money, So the question is why do we need IFSC Code for online transaction and how to find the IFSC code?


What is IFSC Code?

IFSC is a very unique number that comes with Alphanumeric Code which helps to pick out all the bank branches within the National Electronic Funds Transfer network by the RBI, It is important to identify the exact branch where we are transferring the money.


How to find IFSC code?

Without IFSC code one can not send money from one bank account to other bank account and finding the right IFSC code is also important for safe transaction. There are multiple ways to find the correct IFSC Code.

  • One can find it on his cheque book.
  • one can find it on google there are multiple sites which provide the list of IFSC codes one such site is they have the list of all the banks IFSC code, address and MICR codes.
  • one can find it on the bank website when making the online transaction. there is an option to find IFSC code or if you know IFSC code then use it.


Now, again the question is what are the different methods to make a safe online transaction?


There are many methods available to make the payments Such as Credit card, debit card, cheque, money transfers, and recurring cash, Well to make the safe online payment is totally in your hands as If you are careful enough to use the internet applications then No one can cheat you, here are some simple tips to make the payments secure and safe.


  • Search the Internet carefully –  Don’t visit such websites which are full of ads and clicking on anywhere even on mouse move ads open, these sites could have a virus or they could ask you to install a suspicious extension in your computer or browser and you will have no idea about it.


  • Use a dedicated email address.


  • Avoid public Wi-Fi/computers – Try to use internet baking from public Wi-FI or computers, it is highly risky. If in any case, you will have to use a public computer then you must use a virtual keyboard.


  • Keep your data to yourself – Do not respond to such calls where the caller claims to be from the bank and ask for sensitive information such as OTP, pin of card etc, Bank never call you for such details.


  • Avoid apps that you can’t trust – Uninstall the apps which do not require and are not safe. always check the reviews before installing the app.


  • Buy from a reputed merchant – when you are planning to do online shopping, then you must do it from the reputed and authenticated sites only especially those sites which are SSL enabled in other words which have HTTPS in URL instead of HTTP.


  • Select a secure password – For online banking, you must have a hard to guess password. It should be the combination of numbers, symbols, uppercase and lowercase letters. Keep changing your password after every 45 days, there are some banks when you try to login they automatically take you to reset password page if you have not changed the password since a while.


  • Use some helpful browser extension such as malware detector, ad blocker etc.


Why Internet banking is important?

Basically internet banking is a convenient mode of transaction it helps to save time, resources and money, In this digital world where technologies are growing rapidly internet banking is a must known skill, through internet banking one can maintain the data and keep the records of their transaction effectively and efficiently and also this online process is chaos free.

Currently, Online banking is a very important tool to run business, you can easily make the big transactions on just one click of a button. You don’t need to visit your client’s place for the payments.

The best part of using online banking is you have an option to access your checking, savings, investment and loan accounts 24/7 you can immediately login to your account and check the status of your payments and bank balance and also this helps you to check your payment records with just a click.



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