Boost Your Online Fundraisers With Face-To-Face Promotion

There is no better way of getting a positive response from someone then when you are facing them in person. It is also one of the best ways to help them make a decision to go and look at your online fundraising page!

Unfortunately, as effective as online marketing is, it also has its flaws…. Like it is often far too easy for a potential customer/supporter to just delete your email, not read it, or even have it get blocked by the spammer control. And no, I am not saying that online marketing does not work, because it does, and you should be using it…

All I am saying is that if you want to really boost your online sales I would suggest that you recruit a sales team that will promote your online fundraiser by speaking to people directly!

Firstly you will need to teach them how to approach people and also give them a basic guideline sales pitch to use. Make the pitch short and to the point. They must smile and look the prospect in the eye. Use the trigger words ‘help’ and ‘because’.

And then get them to ask a question that will trigger the customer into thinking positive thoughts about your fundraiser.

For example if your fundraiser was the online magazine fundraiser they could ask… “So what is your favorite magazine you read?” or “What magazines are you interested in reading?”. This then starts the prospect thinking about the magazines that they read and also about how much they enjoy them. Essentially this question will help put them in a positive mindset.

Once they have done that your sales member should then hand over a marketing flyer that has all your fundraisers details on it, including its web address. This will give the customer more reason to think about the fundraiser and will help remind them about it once your sales member has gone!

Lastly your members should suggest some of the products from your online fundraiser which they really like. Using the above magazine example they could suggest two or three magazines that they really like, and ones which they think the prospect might be interested in.

By using this direct approach when promoting your internet fundraisers you will grab the attention of a larger amount of people. This will then increase your sales, and therefore increase your funds raised.

Do not be idle and only use online marketing. Speak to people direct! You will have a much greater success.

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