How do I get a PAN Card done in Bangalore?

How do I get a PAN Card done in Bangalore: PAN also known as Permanent Account Number is an unique number issued by Income Tax Authority of India. RBI has made it mandatory to have PAN in case if you are doing frequent Cash or Online Money Transactions.  PAN helps Income Tax Department to keep an eye on all the transactions done by each Individuals. It is also mandatory to open account in many banks.

Getting Pan card is not really a tedious task as there are easy ways to get it.  If you are thinking “How do I get a PAN Card done in Bangalore?” Here we have some of the Best solutions.

How do I get a PAN Card done in Bangalore

To get PAN Card in Bangalore Just follow any of the below Options:

Option 1: Apply for PAN Card online

If you have basic knowledge of internet and computers, You can apply online by filling up an online 49 A form at PAN New Application.
The fee for processing PAN application is Rs. 107 which includes services Tax. You will have to fill-up the form and sent hard copy to IT Department after making the payment.  You can refer same link to know more details on applying for the PAN Card.

Option 2: Visit UTIITSL offices

You can visit your nearby UTIITSL offices to submit your PAN card application. You will get an acknowledgement number once you submit the form. Charges will be around 120 Rs.

Below Is The List Of UTI & NSDL Pan Card Offices in bangalore



Option 3: Visit Pan Card Agents Stores:

You get plenty of PAN card Agents in Bangalore to get your pan card done. You can see Boards Like “PAN CARD DONE HERE”. Visit those shops and pay them a little commission (300 – 400 Rs.) Rest They will take care. Make sure you collect Acknowledgement slip.



Option 4: Doorstep Consultants:

Though first two options saves money, it requires lot of time to analyse and personally submit the application. If you are concerned about saving your time, I would recommend the third option which is calling consultants to your doorstep.

in Bangalore, Bro4u offers doorstep Pan card consultant service where the agents will visit your doorstep to verify your documents and submit the form on behalf of you. They charge about 250- 300 Rs. to do it. This could save your valuable time.
To book an appointment check : PAN Card Consultants Bangalore Page.


Hope this article could help you finding the answer to Get get a PAN Card done in Bangalore. If you still have any queries, Drop them in a comments below. We would love to assist.

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