7 Unexpected Life Expenses | How to save money every month budgeting

50 years back, individuals could still save considerable portion of their income owing to lower demands and even lower range of choices. 50 years hence, people many find it difficult to manage unprecedented cash crunches and immediate need for money owing to lower or zero savings.

Check out these 7 instances where you may need urgent money and how you can deal with it.


  • Medical Emergencies:

Nobody can foretell the exact time when you will fall exceedingly ill and need medical help. Members of your family may also fall victim to sudden medical conditions. Studies reveal that medical expenses are gradually rising, sometimes too high to be afforded by families. Lack of savings worsens the scene. Banks and other financial institutions like Bajaj Finserv offer personal loans at affordable costs to make sure that you stay can get financial assistance. To know Personal Loan fees and charges contact major Banks & NBFCs.


  • Purchasing New Equipment:

Sometimes, the urgency of owning expensive equipment rises manifold. A photographer might need to invest Rs.60,000 for new cameras to grab newer opportunities without delay or you may need a new laptop for your freelance work.  Applying for personal loans is the only way out in case you lack enough savings.


  • Buying a New Vehicle:

In order to fuel your dream, an individual might need considerable sum of money to own a new vehicle. Owning and maintaining a vehicle is not cheap and with the absence of appropriate savings, individuals might need to apply for personal loans. Contact personal loan executives and check your personal loan eligibility.


  • Family Occasions:

Everyone likes to invest grandly for special family occasions like marriage and organising religious rites. Research shows that Indian households spend about Rs.15-20 Lakh for marriage ceremonies. Absence of adequate savings leaves them with the option of applying for personal loans. Bajaj Finserv offers personal loans at competitive personal loan fees and charges to salaried individuals irrespective of their personal attributes. You can also avail pre-approved offers and save even more time.


  • Emergency Travelling Expenses:

You might need to opt for quicker means of transport for emergencies. Analysis show that sudden demises and maternity leaves often call for immediate transportation. Given the higher costs of transportation as flight or railway fares, individuals require substantial sum of money immediately. Look for Bajaj Finserv’s personal loan apply online tab and reach your destination right in time.


  • Costs of Relocating:

Due to completion of tenure or for occupational liabilities, individuals might need to shift their residence. In accordance with the growing moving/relocation costs, previous savings assist in handling sudden expenses. Corporate offices often help individuals with minimal relocation benefits eventually. But in case you need immediate relief, personal loans are the only viable option.


  • Higher Education Costs:

Earning a higher educational degree is often deemed essential for certain job changes or career enhancements. Moreover, nowadays, companies often require employees laced with PG degrees from reputed institutions. However, costs associated with higher education are usually higher. Individuals can opt for education loans from banks and financial institutions at discounted interest rates with minimal or zero collateral.


Developing a Saving Habit:

Financial advisors often recommend individuals to start the habit of saving right from their childhood. One should understand how to control their expenses without limiting their desires. Forget luxuries, sudden and immediate expenses pose bigger threat especially when you are out of enough savings. One should learn to:

  • Manage savings and help increase its value through fixed deposit accounts.
  • Maintain a good credit score and an overall decent credit history to increase chances of personal loans approval.

Bajaj Finserv ensures fast approval and least documentation and still provides low interest loans. Don’t let expenses worsen your worries and ruin your bank balance. Apply for a custom-made personal loan today and meet your financial requirements easily.

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