Keeping Your Budget Under Control

Keeping your head above water these days is harder than ever. Unemployment is high and businesses are not hiring. What used to be two income households are now single income. However, your expenses were not cut in half. Here are some ways you can save a little extra money.

Pay Cash

paying for purchases keeps you from over spending, which you might be more likely to do if you are using a debit card or check.

Make Use of Coupons: If you use coupons diligently, you can save a fair amount of money. However,

do not buy items simply because you have a coupon. Weigh the cost and if a generic or other brand is cheaper, buy it. Put the money you saved into a jar as a fun fund.

Turn Down/Up the Thermostat: Keeping the temperature at a comfortable level may feel good, but it will not be comfortable when the bills come. Add or remove clothing as needed.

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