Offline Shopping Tips to Save Money and Time – Ways to Save Money on a Tight Budget

Want to know: Ways to Save Money on a tight budget?

Everyone can get a touch and feel and also judge the quality and worth of the products through offline shopping. It also presents a great opportunity for socialization.


The advent of the World Wide Web has emerged as a new way of life by discarding the practices of the old world and unleashing the new trends for the new times. It has opened up a whole new world of thoughts, music, videos as well as that of shopping.

In the recent years online shopping has experienced a boom. There are many perks of online shopping like greater convenience, simple and faster access even to the rare items, great deals, instantaneous access to reviews and of course the ease to shop from your couch.

Nevertheless, anyone who has gone for online shopping knows well that it is not without its disadvantages. You may not get the accurate size for the clothing and shoes, it is hard to judge the quality and the color may differ from the actual ones. Moreover, the grocery shopping and perishable item shopping are mostly recommended to be done in person.

It is for this reason that the offline shopping realm has not ever disappeared and will continue to exist even in the future no matter what.

You can get a touch and feel and also judge the quality and worth of the products through offline shopping. It also presents a great opportunity for socialization like you can always take a friend or a family member for shopping. In fact, offline shopping is also said to be a therapeutic experience. Here are some of the hacks that you can use for saving both time and money.


  • Enlist the Things and Curb Impulse Shopping – Make the shopping list consisting of the things to buy and divide it into separate categories like that of “urgent items”, for “leisure items” and so on. So, when you are in a run for cash you can shop from the list titled “urgent” only and avoid the items of the “leisure items”.  This way you can avoid impulse shopping that takes a toll on your budget and must be avoided. So, let the silver stilettos wait for you in the racks. You can also make a rule that you should not purchase any item that is not on the list.


  • Get the Groceries on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday On Wednesdays the big stores begin the store sales and on Sundays the big superstores often release the pamphlets of coupon. So, by shopping on these three days customers can take the advantage of both these promotions. This way you can capitalize on both the coupon and sales. If you get any item on sale, make it a point to purchase for three months. Usually the sales run after a12 week cycle. So, you can get similar items discounted again after three full months.


  • Sharpen the Negotiation SkillsFor the street shopping, this method is absolutely necessary. In order to get some great deals street shopping is ideal. You can and should sharpen your negotiation skills for this. Be it Janpath or Lajpath Nagar or Gariahat, you should not show interest for a particular item. You should act cool and make an attempt to steal the deal. You can surely make it that way.  


  • Compare and Buy – This is something that you should always keep in mind. You should not purchase from the first shop where you find the product. You should compare the prices in the first few shops. But you never know when and where you will get a discount. You can save money by getting a special beneficiary scheme.


  • Buy in Bulk if There is Any Sales – At the time of shopping for any product that you have to purchase more than once or twice a year like that of tooth brushes. You should buy as much as you can especially when there is a sale.  You should think of what brands and products you use and purchase them at the same time when the sale is available. By identifying the items and purchasing them at the same time you can save yourself gas, time and money. This way you can curb your expenditure and also not deprive yourself.  


  • Shop during the Off Season -In order to avail some great deals and save money shopping out of season is highly recommended. You can pick up crop tops and cotton tees in winter and blazers and cardigans during the summers as the same items are comparatively cheaper during the off-season.  In stores you will always get counters for off-season merchandise. You should check on them for great bargains. All you have to do is plan in advance. Don’t choose those products that have the chance of getting outdated in one season. Instead you should try the evergreen patterns and neutral colors.

The above are some of the offline hacks that when you follow will help you to save both time and money. These are suggested by the renowned retail chain Super 99 that like Store 99 has remained in the industry since many years now and has been catering to the needs and bringing smiles to the lips of millions of customers through its superior products and services and its pan India presence.


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